Go Ag! is a regional campaign to educate our youth about the opportunities in agriculture, to raise awareness regarding the diversity within those opportunities and to increase enrollment in agriculture certificate and degree programs.

Opening a student’s eyes to the world of agriculture can lead to a lifelong appreciation for the food and fiber that agriculture produces. Teachers are invaluable in this regard. Here teachers can find resources for students interested in ag careers, internship opportunities, and classroom resources including lesson plans, grant opportunities, and more.


    GoAg! Now Mini Grants

    Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association and GoAg! are offering mini grants up to $1,500 to support the integration of agriculture into learning environments in Yuma County. These mini grants are designed to initiate new projects or expand existing projects that promote ag literacy. Grant funds can be used to develop innovative lessons, activities, classroom resources, guest speakers, outreach programs, field trips and other projects. Successful applicants will be awarded compensation equal to 10% of their grant award upon completion of the grant.

    Applications due by November 30, 2023
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    GoAg! Now Agriculture Advocate of the Year

    The Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association and GoAg! are honoring one Yuma County Kinder- 12th grade educator currently engaged in classroom instruction. This award recognizes an educator for their efforts to educate students about the importance of agriculture. The educator selected will be awarded $2,500.

    Educators are key partners in growing the future of agriculture literacy and shaping the next generation’s appreciation for agriculture. This is an opportunity for the community including students, parents and colleagues to nominate an educator who incorporates agriculture in their class using innovative approaches. Help Yuma Fresh and GoAg! recognize and celebrate a talented educator.

    Nominations Open February 15, 2024

    Ag Lab – The Future Starts Here

    USDA resource for teachers.

    Ag Lab

    Gadsden Lesson Plan

    Google Sheets