You Can Make An IMPACT too!

Nearly every job is somehow tied into agriculture. Feeding the world’s population requires people in almost every line of work. The impact of each of those jobs together is the sustainability of our world. Whether you’re a science-minded person, an individual with a love for marketing or a person who enjoys working with their hands, there is something for everyone.

According to the World Wildlife Organization, agriculture is the world's largest industry, employing more than one billion people and generating over $1.3 trillion dollars worth of food annually. Pasture and cropland occupy around 50 percent of the Earth’s habitable land and provide habitat and food for a multitude of species.

YOU can make a difference not only today but for generations to come. Go AG!

Great responsibility comes with this magnitude. By entering the agriculture field, one is not only helping to feed the world, but also playing an integral role in our earth’s sustainability.